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The archduke trail in Valldemossa

Ludwig Salvator Maria Joseph Johann Baptist Dominicus Rainerius Ferdinand Carl Zenobius Antonin was and Archduke born to the House of Habsburg-Lorraine family. When he was only 20 years old, in 1867, he arrived for the first time in Mallorca. He automatically fell in love.

He became the first tourists and the first conservationists from our land. Here he wrote several books but he also bought lots of property land and farmlands along with their mansions. One of his top projects was the construction of a path from where he could admire the views that captivated him so much. Today this path is known as the Archduke’s Trail and from it you can see splendid scenery of the Mediterranean sea and the villages of Valldemossa, Deia and Soller.

Outbound Mallorca is ready to walk you there to share with you not only the history of this great man but also the ancient history of Mallorca. To get to the Archduke’s trail there is a number of alternative ways, each one with something to discover. But one of the top attractions is the chance to see a number of vultures flying by the top of your heads as the local initiative “Associació Muntanya del Voltor” (Mountain of the Vulture Association) is working hard to restore the natural habitat loved by this wonderful prey birds.