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  • “Arroç Brut”, a typical Mallorcan rice recipe

“Arroç Brut”, a typical Mallorcan rice recipe

Probably the most famous rice recipe in Spain is the well known paella. However paella is a typical rice dish from Valencia and is more of a dry rice meal that you can easily eat with a fork . On the other hand, “arroç brut”, (literally dirty rice,ha ha), is how we in Mallorca enjoy rice in the winter and you will need a spoon to taste the broth, which if it is well made, it constitutes an alimentary group itself. If you are into tasting new flavors, you will love this mallorcan recipe.

What you need is chicken, rabbit, pork, peas, green beans, onions, tomato, garlic, zafran, black pepper, green pepper, spices and of course, white rice. Throw the onion and tomato into a deep and wide pot and poach slowly, Meanwhile slice of the different types of meat and add it to the pot and lastly the garlic. Once we have a sauté we add water and spices, black pepper and let it cook for one and a half hours. Finish with adding the vegetables for five minutes before throwing in the rice. I particularly love bloody milk cap mushrooms (Lactarius sanguifluus) in the broth that provide a brownish color and an amazing flavor.

On a cold winter day there is nothing better than this rice to warm up. If you do not want to cook at home, you can enjoy it at any restaurant in any of the villages of the island, but very important, make sure the place is traditional and not one of those fancy state of the art laboratories seeking a michelin star. Outbound Mallorca will take you to a road restaurant after walking up to Peak Galileu where there are a few well preserved snow wells and astonishing views of the mediterranean sea.