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Actividades de aventura y deportivas en Mallorca

Outbound Mallorca offers countless opportunities to practice adventure and outdoor activities in Mallorca. Either hiking, mountain biking, accessing any of our 5000 caves or descending some of our canyons, you will enjoy the best excursions in Mallorca outdoors fitting your skill level.

Adventure activities and sports adjusted to all levels

Explore out of your comfort zone. Are you curious? We never get tired of self enrichment. There is always something new to learn, something new to explore. Even our guests offer us very much welcome lessons. Are you this way? Either to satisfy your interest for history and local culture, or to confront your fear with heights or reach a bit beyond on a mountain bike, Outbound Mallorca will take you to that wonderful place hand in hand with certified guides.

Cova des Coloms I

Cova des Coloms, on the east coast of Mallorca, offers a great opportunity to start

Hermitage of Maristella

The most demanding route of all. The route begins next to the University of the

Torrent de Pareis

During this visit to the Torrent de Pareis Natural Monument you will be able to

Puig des Galatzó

La cima de más de mil metros más aislada. A 1027 metros sobre el nivel

Puig des Teix

The Puig des Teix (1,064 meters) is easily accessible from Palma. Starting from the town

Torrent de Coanegra

The Coanegra stream is a beautiful aquatic ravine in the Santa María area. It is

Feel emotions, a good dose of enthusiasm

We are geeks and we love to share old time stories. There is always something new to learn, something new to explore. We rather carry on with participatory activities than take you in a flock of sheep. But it is you who will take the first step, when you look forward to disconnecting from your daily life.

Laugh, the worst day is that one when you have not laugh

We want you to learn new things. And the best way to do so is with a fair amount of humor. Sports and adventure activities are great, but better with assured fun. They can be activities for singles, with your partner, with friends or family, we have the perfect sport and adventure activity in Mallorca for you. Are you ready for the experience?

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